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President & Lead Designer

John Samuel Bradshaw's Biography / Chronicle


John was born on July 29, 1961, in Salt Lake City, Utah from his beloved widowed mother Helen Martinson Bradshaw. At a very early age with no father or siblings, John was always interested in designing and building small, complex younger-man projects.

While just starting high school in 1975, John’s mother was taken away due to Alzheimer’s Disease and he moved in with his Aunt Goldie’s in Holiday, Utah. At this time, John started to pursue his entrepreneurial skills, crafting and building entertainment center cabinetry out of East High School’s woodshop on consignment for different local retailers.

1979 – 1986

After graduating from East High School in 1979, John received a scholarship to BYU for industrial arts. He declined this offer to further education from Utah Techincal College and the University of Utah in Mechanical Engineering, Drafting and Design. Also in the summer of 1979, John acquired a job at Amherst Cabinets starting as a forklift driver to put himself through college. John worked his way up through Amherst Cabinets and within two years of starting he was given the opportunity to lead the engineering and design department.

Shortly after this John had an idea to promote (within Amherst cabinets) to produce complex design and manufacturing that was not production friendly with their current production schedule for Amherst.

It worked; John was able to preselect his own subcontractors, within the employees of Amherst cabinets and work after hours and on weekends to keep the general company’s overhead down, splitting the net profits with John and the president of Amherst cabinets, Howard Johnson.

1985 – 1988

The summer of 1985 John was given the opportunity to distribute Amherst Cabinetry in Denver, Colorado. Working for an affiliate company by the name of EE ink., and/or Primer Materials Mart. John’s responsibilities were to develop & manage this new cabinetry division. This included finding & bringing in two more cabinetry manufactures (Osburn & Sons based in Grand Junction and Cottonwood Cabinetry in Utah), also creating the new business infrastructure, hiring & managing all new designers, processing all orders while designing and processing his own sales. At this time John had won many awards; first place in, most cases, for best kitchen design & supplier in the “Parade of Homes, Street of Dreams” and many other positive write ups in the Denver Post and local magazines. This was the breaking point to advance John’s local career and name in kitchen design.

While the cabinetry division proved to be very successful & profitable, unfortunately, the other two divisions at EE Inc. (stucco & roofing) were not, and slowly brought EE Inc. down to its demise. Shortly before this John decided to leave EE Inc. and form his own company.

1988 – 1993

In June 1988 John founded and established JSB Design & Manufacturing, Inc..

In his home office, he worked tightly with Osborne & Sons Cabinetry, designing new, large, custom residential projects and personally installing them.

1993 – 1995

John expanded his business and re-located in a commercial office in downtown Denver with a small shop, subleasing from his best friend Francis Zimmerman, the owner of Denver Counterfitters.

This is when Osborne & Sons quality started to decline. So, as a result, John decided to begin manufacturing and designing high-end cabinetry on his own in this small shop. This turned out to be a great success. After purchasing new small manufacturing equipment and hiring one new employee Charles Johnson, who is still with him now, JSB began to build.

1995 – 2000

After Francis’s demise, we had to expand and were forced to relocate to a larger facility known as “The Denver Enterprise Center”. The business was still expanding, leasing an adjacent unit, purchasing larger equipment for manufacturing and hiring more employees. One of which was Garth Hagenbuch, leading the engineering department and production manager, who is still with John today as his right-hand man. John hopes Garth can carry on the business & reputation after Johns retirement. (This will be a very-very long time from now) haha!

2000 – 2008

Expanding again in early 2000, John purchased a larger manufacturing facility and bought much larger, more hi-tech manufacturing equipment.

During this time John opened up another retail kitchen company, by the name of Bonnie Brae Kitchens Inc.

Now with two companies going, 16 employees and an additional 10 subcontractors; Business volume was at our highest point in 2006. This was good as far as reinvestment into two different corporations, but a little more stressful on John.

2008 – 2018 & Currently

Fortunately, in 2008 the recession hit. John was forced to sell the real estate of the Bonny Brae Kitchens showroom and dissolve the corporation.

John then focused all his resources into the main company; JSB Design & MFG., and to lower overhead and focus on his passion for high-end cabinetry. We are doing this today and John is just loving it, especially with the lower volume and greater focus on quality and customer satisfaction.