Meet Chuck Johnson

I was raised on a small farm in Jefferson County Colorado.  I attended school at Bear Creek school at age 12 and graduated in 1960. “Go Bears”.

My father was born in the Old Country, Sweden.  He was a home builder and a carpenter.  Growing up I would work on projects with him, where we would build a home from the ground up to the final details of finish trim and cabinetry.

In 1964, I went to Tennessee for college.  I only lasted part of a year before I ran out of money and came home to Colorado.  A few months later my friends and neighbors volunteered me for the draft.  I left for fort Leonard Wood on May 4th, 1965.  They sent me to Leadership school as well as 4 different mechanics schools.  From there I was sent to Fairbanks, Alaska as a truck mechanic.

After the Army, I worked as a carpenter for different home builders in the Denver Metro area.  I found that I enjoyed working with wood better than turning wrenches.

In the early 90’s I answered a newspaper ad for a position as a cabinet installer.  This is when I started with JSB Design.  Shortly after starting work with JSB, we started to build our own cabinets.  We went through some growing pains, but had mostly success.  Here we are today JSB Design & Manufacturing.

JSB Design & Manufacturing, Inc. designs, builds and installs high-end custom cabinetry and retail cabinet lines from Shilo Cabinetry, Eclipse Cabinetry, Aspect Cabinetry, and K.I.B Direct. If you are interested in working with Chuck and the rest of the team at JSB Design, give us a call at (303) 295-6613 or fill out our online form.