Meet Jerry Weisman

I attended art school where I studied color, materials, and art techniques. The process of how art is created has always fascinated me. While in school I learned about the elements of design and the importance of good craftsmanship.

One of my first jobs in the woodworking industry was with a custom picture framing company. That was where I learned some of my first woodworking skills. I also gained experience in detail and relief carving. While at the frame shop I also learned some of my first production finishing skills. I learned the process of water and oil gilding using composition metal and 23K gold leaf. I also became well versed in the application of stain and painted finishes, glazes, toners, and crackle finishes.

With the knowledge I had from the frame shop I continued on to furniture and cabinet refinishing and have been the lead finisher at JSB Design for the past 11 years.

I enjoy listening to music, studying art, and watching television with a nice bowl of popcorn!

      JSB Design & Manufacturing, Inc. designs, builds and installs high-end custom cabinetry and retail cabinet lines from Shilo Cabinetry, Eclipse Cabinetry, Aspect Cabinetry, and K.I.B Direct. If you are interested in working with Jerry Weisman and the rest of the team at JSB Design, give us a call at (303) 295-6613 or fill out our online form.