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President & Lead Designer

John Bradshaw

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City.  My love for woodworking and design started at a very early age.  I was an entrepreneur in high school, designing and building speaker cabinets to sell on consignment to audio/visual stores.  I enjoy the challenges of running a small business and the freedom it allows me.  I have a passion for creating one of a kind cabinet and furniture designs.

I enjoy snow and water skiing, traveling to exotic places, and hiking the Colorado mountains. 

Design/work experience:

I started my career in cabinetry, working for Amherst cabinets in 1979 in the milling department. During this time, I designed, built, and managed many complex projects.  By the end of my time at Amherst in 1986 I had worked my way up to lead and manage the design and engineering department.

In 1986, I moved to Denver where I continued to design kitchen cabinetry for Amherst cabinets and other retail cabinet lines.  Over the next two years I grew as a kitchen designer and was ready for the next step.

In 1988, I founded JSB Design & Manufacturing.  For the first years of my new company, I worked out of my home office; designing and selling manufactured cabinet lines from Osburn & Son’s. 

In 1993, I made the jump into custom cabinet manufacturing.  Over the next decade I was able to slowly grow JSB design, expanding and reinvested in the business as much as I could.  

In 2004 JSB Design purchased a 12,000 square-foot building in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver.  This is where the current showroom, design studio, and manufacturing plant are located.


  • Utah Technical College
    • Degree in drafting, engineering, and design.
  • The University Of Utah
    • Studies in Mechanical Engineering and design.