About Zach Watts

I am a Colorado native from Longmont. I grew up with a single mom in an old house that needed to be renovated.

Growing up, I learned how to use basic power tools from fixing up my family home. From that, I began helping neighbors and friends with minor home improvements. Later, I joined a temp agency for extra work. The first job they found for me was an entry-level position in a custom cabinet shop. Working in a cabinet shop showed me a new side of craftsmanship and quality. The skills required came to me very naturally and I became a full-time woodworker. I became interested in different wood species and how they act. As my interest for woodworking grew, I also started researching woodworking styles and techniques. I have been in fine woodworking for 7 years, and plan to continue to widen my knowledge about wood, design, and custom building.

      JSB Design & Manufacturing, Inc. designs, builds and installs high-end custom cabinetry and retail cabinet lines from Shilo Cabinetry, Eclipse Cabinetry, Aspect Cabinetry, and K.I.B Direct. If you are interested in working with Zach Watts and the rest of the team at JSB Design, give us a call at (303) 295-6613 or fill out our online form.